"When you think your hair looks terrible, strangers tell you your hair looks great"

Curly Haircuts: Tips for the Perfect Curly Curly Hairstyle

Curly hair is a blessing that many envy. It gives your face a friendly look and adds spontaneity to your look. But each type of curl has its own needs, and regular trimming is essential to keep your curls looking nice and not weighed down. Whether you have fine hair with waves or strong curls, there are specific techniques to make the most of your curls.

The Curl Hairdresser: Expert in Curl Care

Many hairdressers cut straight and curly hair the same way, but for the best results, it's best to go to a specialized curly hairdresser. These professionals are skilled in various cutting techniques specifically designed for curly hair. A good curly hairdresser can advise you on which technique best suits your curls.

Popular Curl Cutting Techniques

Curlsys Technique: This European method involves cutting dry hair into bundles with special Curlsys scissors. The result is often more volume, more curls and less frizzy hair, suitable for both natural curls and permed hair.

Devacut Technique: With this American method, dry hair is cut strand by strand, taking into account natural curl patterns. The hair is cut dry to instantly see and perfect the results.

CC1 Technique: This innovative method involves cutting wet hair vertically, creating volume and air in the curls. Ideal for people who want to keep their curls, but sometimes want to style.

Global Curl Concept: This comprehensive concept includes a personalized treatment plan based on your curl type and desires. Hair is cut dry, curl by curl, to reduce frizz and increase shine.

Curl Care: The Key to Beautiful Curls
In addition to cutting, curls need hydration, care and love. Natural products are ideal for curly hair because they moisturize and nourish without weighing it down. Remember to use oil regularly to nourish your curls and moisturize your scalp.

Let your curls shine with proper cutting techniques and care and enjoy a beautiful bunch of curls you can be proud of!