Men's haircut

As a man, how often do you need a haircut?

For every man this frequency is different. 
Some men like to sit in the barber's chair every two weeks to give everything a fresh trim, and others only go when they really can't take it anymore. How often you can go to the barber depends on your style, your hair and other factors such as your budget.

Excluding bald heads and ponytails, we can divide hairstyles for men into three lengths; short, medium and long. 

Short haircut
If you have a short men's hairstyle, then a haircut can soon start to make a difference. The distinction in the outline and in a fade (what a fade is, we explain below) will soon disappear after a few weeks. In this case, it doesn't hurt to visit your hairdresser every 2-3 weeks. Men with short straight hairstyles want them to stay in shape. 

Average hair length
If you have an average hair length without much contrast between the sides and top of your haircut, you can limit your haircut visits. How often you go to the barber depends mainly on whether you think your haircut is still okay. Especially your bangs or sideburns can become too long. This can determine your entire look. Allow about 4-6 weeks for this. This will prevent you from looking really sloppy the last few days before your haircut.

Long hair
Men with long hair may have to wait even longer for their haircut. Still, even in this case, it can't hurt to get a haircut about every month and a half to two months. That way you keep things fresh and groomed. 

How fast does your hair grow?
Your hair grows about 0.3 millimeters per day. This equates to one centimeter per month. 

Barber terminology
We used to indicate that we wanted a haircut. Nowadays, when you walk into a barbershop, you quickly get new names of men's haircuts thrown around your ears; the new barber terminology. We're going to help you out!

Fade or taper?
When you visit a barbershop and your barber asks you what you want, it's helpful to know what he means when he talks about taper or fade. Don't panic. We'll explain it to save you a botched haircut.

What is a taper?
When you choose a haircut with a taper, the length of the hair changes gradually. Often it starts longer from the top and slowly shortens downward to the natural hairline at the nape and sides of the head. The length of a taper can vary. You can choose a long taper where your hair stays relatively longer. With a short taper your hair is cut or shaved a little shorter to the skin. Here an important detail; the lower part is not shaved so short that it becomes bald. Otherwise we speak of fading. 

What is a fade? 
You have most likely already spotted it many times and maybe you even wear a fade hairstyle without knowing it. This is because a fade haircut is a shaved haircut with short sides that flow into a longer top. 
If you choose a haircut with a fade, it is a haircut with taper that continues until you reach the skin. The bottom of the fade is so short that the hair blends into the skin. So the lower part of the fade is bald. Fades require more maintenance because you want to keep the faded-to-skin look. 

Within a fade haircut, again, you have three degrees:

- A low fade; this starts at the level of the ear
- A middle fade; this starts just above the ear
- A high fade: this starts about halfway through the head

Is a fade a very short taper? Yes, in fact it is. All fades are tapers, but not all tapers are always fades (do you still get it?)

It depends on your personal preference, which fade you choose.
Still find it hard to explain what your preferences are in the chair? 
Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, so feel free to show one.  

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