Ladies haircut

Do you go to the hairdresser regularly or do you get your hair trimmed once a year?

How often should you get your hair cut?
This depends on a number of factors, such as your hair type and hairstyle. There is no general answer. Do you have a long or short haircut? Do you want to grow it out or keep it in shape? Do you have curly or straight locks?

Short hairstyles
Often short hairstyles consist of clean lines. To maintain these clean lines, it is necessary to make another appointment with the hairdresser after six weeks. Women with very short hairstyles should keep four weeks between their haircutting appointments. Do you have bangs? Then you should have them trimmed regularly. Especially if it is a tight, straight fringe.

Long hair
Women with long hair, who also want to keep it long or grow it longer, are advised to go to the barber once every three months to have an inch taken off the length. This way it can grow healthily.
In fact, on average, your hair grows 1 centimeter per month, so three months equals three centimeters. So you save two centimeters of length per haircut visit. Do make it clear to your barber that you want to grow it out and really only allow an inch to come off. If you want to keep your long hair the same length, you can have three centimeters cut off once every three months.

Hairstyles with layers can be distinguished into different layers. Do you have long layers? Then it is best to have them touched up every eight weeks. In eight weeks, you give your hair enough time to grow, without the problem of tufts getting in the way.
Do you have several or short layers? Then it's best to wait six weeks. Your hair will grow out of shape after this period, making it a little messy.

Layers or straight hair
Do you have fine locks or long hair with dry, damaged or split ends? Then it is best to take a six-week break. Ladies with well-groomed bangs and straight hair and whose hair is not often heated need a cut about every 12 weeks.

Unprocessed hair
Is your hair firm and healthy? And do you not dye your hair or use styling tools? Then a haircut every twelve weeks is enough to get the ends cut.

Hair trends
There is a wide range of trends and hair inspiration these days. Hair salons often show their creations they are proud of on Instagram or Pinterest. Even celebrities often share their (new) hairstyles on social media. Clients attach great value to this. After all, it determines the hair fashion they want to follow or not.
Do you find it difficult to tell how you want your hair cut? Do you feel that sometimes you can't explain what you really want with your hairstyle? Feel free to show a picture of what you want. Hairdressers like it when you have chosen a model in advance.  You can use the photo to explain what you want and what you don't want. Make sure that the model's face in the photo matches your face and the hair matches your hair type. For example, a great bob in the photo may turn out very differently on you. 

Hairstyles subject to fashion
There are many changes in hairstyles when we look at recent years and history. A hairstyle is as subject to change as fashion. And as with fashion, some people participate in it, while others prefer to go for basic and standard. And that's always good, too. Because you really don't (always) have to go along with the current hair fashion. A good haircut does wonders and the important thing is that you are satisfied and you feel good about it.

Wide range
Nowadays you can enjoy a wide range of different cutting and styling techniques. You can of course choose a barber who specializes in cutting women, but there are also many barbers who provide both women and men with a beautiful cut. It all depends on what you prefer and whether you just want a haircut or a completely new look. 1Kapper.nl has a variety of hair salons. Large hair salons with several employees or smaller hair salons and freelancers. In all these hair salons work professionals with all their own hairdressing education, training and, perhaps more importantly, practical experience. For example, some specialize more in cutting curls, while others specialize more in coloring hair.

Who can perform which treatment at a hair salon is known by 1Kapper.nl. Hair salons indicate which employee can perform which treatment. If you choose a certain treatment, only the employees who are qualified to perform that treatment will be shown.