Trimming beard

We cannot ignore it, because even our king has one; the beard. The beard is all the rage. In any shape, color, length or style; For many people, the beard equates to a tough man. 

Beards and mustaches come in all shapes and sizes. Just like your clothing style or hairstyle, you tailor your beard and/or mustache to who you are and what suits you. Beard models that look good on someone else may not work as well on you. This depends on the density and size of your beard growth, but also on your character, your lifestyle and the shape of your face.

Any professional barber can tell you which shape best suits your face to make the most of your facial features. Once you have made your choice, the barber will always trim it back into the desired shape. Shaping makes your jawline clearly visible again. 

Growing a beard requires care and time, so make sure you pay the necessary attention to this. It is not a matter of letting nature take its course, but just like the hair on your head, you also need to keep the hair on your face well maintained. 
The growth process of a beard is a short stubble, a firm stubble, a short beard, a full beard and.... a caveman beard (let's try to avoid the latter)

Trimming a beard is important. By trimming your beard you perfect your beard and get a refined and well-groomed look. By taking good care of your beard, the hairs are stimulated to grow extra quickly. Trimming your facial hair ensures a fuller beard. 
Not every hair grows at the same rate. Some hairs reach the desired length in no time, other hairs grow slowly and take months to reach the length you want. By making the “fast growers” ​​shorter, you get everything to one length and your beard will look much neater.

The barber

You can create a beautiful beard at the barber. A barber is a very old profession that was highly regarded by the Egyptians. The name is derived from Barba, the Latin word for beard. A barber is not a luxury, but a necessity for men who want to have or keep a beautiful beard. A barber is concerned with shaving men and cutting and grooming beards and mustaches. He is also often a men's hairdresser.