Discover Balayage: a natural hair dyeing technique for a sunkissed effect

Balayage, derived from the French word "balayer" meaning "to sweep," is a popular hair dyeing technique that creates a beautiful sunkissed effect. In this method, hair dye is applied to the hair with a brush, subtly transitioning the color from dark to light. The result is a natural and gradual transition that looks like you've spent days in the sun.

Natural and Low Maintenance:

One of the biggest advantages of balayage is the natural look it offers. Unlike traditional highlights, where streaks of hair dye are clearly visible, balayage creates a softer and less dyed look. Plus, with this technique, you don't have to worry about outgrowth because the color fades naturally.

Balayage can be applied to different hair colors, ranging from black and brown to red and blonde. It is a versatile technique that adapts to the natural color and texture of the hair, making it suitable for people with various hair types.


At the Hairdresser:

A typical balayage treatment takes about 2 hours, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. For those with long hair, or those who want to undergo a major color change, the treatment may take a little longer. It is important to remember that balayage should not be repeated too often; barbers usually recommend doing it only 2 to 4 times a year to keep hair healthy.


Although balayage creates a beautiful look, using hydrogen peroxide to decolorize the color can damage the hair. To keep your hair healthy and shiny, it is important to invest in quality color protection and hydration products after a balayage treatment. A color-protecting shampoo, conditioner and hair mask help to maintain color and nourish hair after exposure to chemical treatments.

Balayage is not only a trendy hair trend, but also a great option for those looking for a soft and natural hair color. With proper care and maintenance, balayage can give your hair a beautiful, summer glow that glows year-round.


Pictures: Balayage by Salon Amfiance Heerenveen