Child haircut

Getting children's hair cut at the hairdresser? It can be quite a challenge. 

Are you taking your child to the hairdresser for the first time? 
Then this is exciting for the parent, for the hairdresser, but also certainly for the child itself. 
Because tell yourself, how would you feel when you are put in a chair with a strange person, in front of a big mirror, then a robe is tied around your neck and then they come at you with sharp scissors? 
That scares the hell out of you as a little person, doesn't it? Especially when you don't yet know what the intention is? 

With the right preparations it can still be a very pleasant and special moment. A parent often experiences the first haircut as a special moment. Your child's first haircut is a milestone. 

A good preparation is important for the first hairdresser's appointment. Here are some tips on how to prepare your child for this. 

Where do you get your child a haircut?
First, choose the right salon. If a hair salon indicates that it performs children's treatments, then the staff will surely know how to handle this. Of course, this does not have to be a special children's hairdresser. A "normal" hairdresser can certainly perform this well as well. Most hair salons have plenty of toys or other things to entertain and distract the little customers.

When do you get your child's hair cut?
Choose a time when your child does not normally have dinner or bedtime. Taking a child to the hairdresser who is hungry or very tired is asking for trouble. Make this day about your child. In addition, do not plan any more exciting things for your child. It can be quite an event for your child with lots of impressions. 

How do you prepare your child for the hairdresser?
Prepare your child. Tell them what you are going to do together and where you are going. If necessary, first show a picture of the hair salon and/or show a video of a child getting a haircut. Check first if this is a good example :-)
Start preparing in time. The idea must grow. Tell that you yourself often go to the hairdresser and that it does not hurt. A reward after that time? That you can already discuss together. 
Also make sure you are calm on that day. When you start worrying about whether it will work or not, your child will adopt this fear. Have faith, it will work out just fine.

How can I distract my child at the hairdresser's?
Provide distractions; a cartoon on your phone or a small toy can keep your child calm. A post-treatment reward is also a good idea.

Think of your child's first haircut visit as an exercise. Don't wish for big changes or a perfectly cut haircut. Go to the hair salon with the goal of getting used to and getting the long hair in front of the eyes cut away. Was that successful? Great, then you're already on the right track. 

Unfortunately, did it still not go as you expected? Don't worry. You're really not the first with a child where it doesn't work out. Sometimes the treatment has to be stopped prematurely. Just try again next time. Chances are, it will work then. 

Does your child not dare to get on the chair alone? Consult with the hairdresser if it is possible to keep your child on your lap or maybe your child can be cut on the floor.

Stay calm yourself
One of the biggest "mistakes" is setting your own expectations too high as a parent. 
Keep it fun and relaxed and get to the hairdresser on time so your child has time to acclimate. 

Then, should it work out? Maybe nice to take a lock of hair with you as a memento :-)